Epoksi ve Poliüretan Epoxy & Polyurethane There is a new name for quality, strength and durability in technical structure chemicals. With Tardigrade construction chemicals, the best solutions are now within your reach.
Bitümlü Membran Bituminous Membrane With Izomax and Polione, your structures are protected against water. We are offering you optimum solutions with our bituminous waterproofing products.
Tardigrade - Its Strength is in Its Nature... Getting its name from the world’s most resilient creature, Tardigrade Construction Chemicals is redefining the meaning of durability and quality. Along with its easy application, Tardigrade has high mechanical and chemical endurance and offers lasting aesthetic and hygienic results. Tardigrade supplies the quality technical construction chemicals you are looking for and more.

A textured design, solvent-free epoxy floor coating system that is highly resistant to physical and chemical damage.

TETC 200 Textured epoxy (Orange Textured) Coating System (1,50 – 2,00  mm)

A smooth, self-spreading, hygienic, solvent-free, polyurethane floor coating system that is highly resistant to physical and chemical damage.

TPSL 350 Self Levelling Polyurethane Coating System (3,00 – 3,50  mm)

A smooth surface, self-spreading, solvent-free, hygienic, epoxy floor coating system, highly resistant to physical and chemical damage.

TESL 250 Epoksi Self Levelling Coating System (2,00 – 2,50  mm)
İzomax Gold Uygulama

One of the most prestigious projects in Istanbul, Project Maslak 1453 uses Izomax for its waterproofing […]

Izomax Quality at Ağaoğlu Maslak 1453
Epoksi Kaplama

What is Epoxy? Epoxy was synthesized in Germany in 1939. Initially only used in dentistry and […]

Why choose Epoxy Coating in Construction?
Tardigrade (Su Ayısı)

Tardigrades (Waterbear) also known as waterbears, were first discovered in 1773. Known as the world’s most […]

The World’s Most Resilient Creature Water Bears

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