Polione NTM 2K is a water-based, two-component liquid membrane isolation material, which is made of nano-dimensional materials. Polione NTM 2K delivers problem-free isolation performance with its bitumen-modified formula, which doesn’t contain solvents and is cured by humidity in the air. Strengthened with waterproof additives that provide elasticity, this product ensures complete protection against leakages and humidity. Polione NTM 2K can be used in horizontal and vertical applications in out-door areas, including primer coating of terrace, garden and balconies; isolation applications or cracked surfaces that require resistance to high-pressure water; and used with materials such as polyester reinforcing fabric or chopped glass fibers, etc.


• It is ready to use and easy to apply.
• It provides excellent adhesion.
• It can be applied by using sprayer, brush or trowel.
• It keeps its elasticity at low temperatures.
• It is environmentally friendly since it is a water based product.
• It is odorless and can be used safely in enclosed areas.
• It has permanent elasticity.
• It can be used in every climate conditions.
• It may be applied cold, no need to heat it.
• It is resistant against chemicals in the soil.
• It forms a seamless rubberized asphalt membrane.
• It covers capillary cracks on various surfaces.


24 kg/container. (18 kg liquid component, 6 kg powder component)