Waterproofing of road projects are much easier with Izomax Via, which is APP modified, reinforced with 250 gr/m² Polyester mat.Izomax Via is a product that is specially designed for construction projects that require high tensile strength such as such as bridges, viaducts, highways. It is resistant to temperature differences, ensures high endurance, and provides utmost protection against damages. As a highly tear resistant product, it can be used in all kinds of waterproofing applications, ensuring high performance. Izomax Via provides protection both in very hot and very cold climates, and the high quality polyester mat (250 gr/m²) used in its reinforcement material help the product to stick well to the surface and functions as protective layer.

• It can be use over various types of substrates.
• The quantity to be used can be determined before the application.
• Its reinforcement structure has very high tensile strength.
• Its reinforcement structure has high capability of elasticity.
• Its capability of resistance against impacts and punctures is very high.