Modified with SBS, Izomax Gold bituminous waterproofing membrane would be suggested for colder climate areas as it is easy to apply at low temperatures. With its strong and elastic structure, which easily tolerates shrinkage, expansion, and similar behaviors, it provides high performance waterproofing in cold climate areas and can be applied to metal roofs of industrial buildings.Izomax Gold, which is highly resistant to cold, targets protection against pressured water with its high capability of elasticity, providing waterproofing on any area applied and protection that lasts the life of the building, despite physical difficultiesThe strength and high quality of Izomax Gold provides superior protection and safety in any area that would require waterproofing.Modified with high performance SBS polymer, reinforced with polyester mat/ fiberglass, Izomax Gold, has been designed for high-end construction, thanks to its long-lived structure.


• Resists for the lifetime of the building.
• Applicable to various types of substrates
• The quantity to be used can be determined before the application.
• Its capability of resistance against cold temperature is very high.