With its strong and elastic structure, APP modified Izomax Classic waterproofing membrane is mostly used for wet surfaces, construction foundations, concrete roofs, terrace roofs and waterproofing of curtain walls. Since it is suitable to cold climates and easy to apply at high temperatures, Izomax Classic would be suggested for mild to cold temperature areas.

Izomax Classic provides simple, long-lived and safe application for soil contacted walls, foundations, structures that hold water accumulation, walls that might be flooded, balconies, terrace roofs, inclined roofs, wet areas like bathrooms and all waterproofing problems. With its elastic and strong polyester mat/fiberglass reinforcement, Izomax Classic can be used for all areas that need waterproofing and it provides simple application with its special features and advantages.

• Resists for the lifetime of the building.
• Applicable to various types of substrates
• The quantity to be used can be determined before the application.
• Its capability of resistance against cold temperature is very high.