Tardigrade is in 2016 Istanbul Yapi – Turkeybuild Istanbul

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We hope to meet with you at one of the biggest sectoral fair, TURKEYBUILD 2016 which will be held on 10-14 May to be able to introduce TARDIGRADE High Performance Construction Chemicals and also the developments.

Location : TUYAP Exhibition Center, Beylikduzu / Istanbul – TURKEY

Hall : 2

Stand No. : 421

On-line invitation :—tardigrade-g

Tardirgade was in USA!

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TARDIGRADE High Performance Construction Chemicals has been offered to the global construction market at the world’s biggest concrete exhibition called World of Concrete .

In the show, which took place in the Las Vegas on February 2-5, 2016, TARDIGRADE booth received a great deal of attention for its industrial flooring products and displays.

Why choose Epoxy Coating in Construction?

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What is Epoxy?
Epoxy was synthesized in Germany in 1939. Initially only used in dentistry and medicine, epoxy began to be utilized in many other fields for its high adhesive quality and mechanical resistance, particularly in the construction industry.

It is an adhesive and thermosetting chemical resin. It has high resistance to water, acid and alkaline, and endures over time. When used for adhesive purposes, it permanently bonds the surfaces it is applied on and prevents tension build-up.

Epoxies, which are generally two-component products, solidify after their liquid application and reach their final hardness within one or two weeks. Epoxy, when used together with glass or carbon fiber, provides perfect mechanical durability. This is why it is widely used in space and aviation technologies and in naval field. In addition, Epoxy is a material that is also widely used in the construction sector to fill cracks, repair and fortification applications, and to place steel fittings that will be embedded in concrete. It has a high tensile strength for fittings embedded in ferroconcrete and can also be used as a coating product. Finally, it can be employed as paint or primer as well.


  • Epoxy floor coatings
  • Very high mechanical and chemical resistance.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Provides a solid ground without any grouting and joint.
  • Less load on a building compared to its equivalents.
  • Provides dust-free, hygienic, and anti-bacterial environments.
  • Impermeable against water and water-like fluids.
  • anti-static structure.
  • easy to clean.

The World’s Most Resilient Creature Water Bears

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Tardigrades (Waterbear) also known as waterbears, were first discovered in 1773. Known as the world’s most resilient living creature and a part of the tardigrade (Latin Tardis meaning slow; gradi meaning step) class, water bears are invertebrates with 4 pairs of short legs. Their body length may vary between 0.08 mm and 1.5 mm. Their bodies usually have a cylindrical shape with a flat abdominal area. The cone shaped end is considered the head. They do not have respiratory organs. They are gonochoristic. Their body cells are stable.
They Tardigrades have approximately 960 known species. They are resistant to extreme environmental conditions. Initially thought to live only in fresh water, upon genetic analyses it was revealed that they also migrated to land thanks to their great adaptive abilities. These micro-organisms, which can live in extreme temperatures from 180ºC to -236ºC, are also immune to high radiation and high pressure environments. From deep oceans to the highest mountains, they can live anywhere in the world. It is also discovered that they are able to live in space.